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Automotive photography

Amplify your story with high-end automotive photography. Crispy car photos to use on social media and your website. More than just a photo.

Create a feeling with your visitors

It’s no surprise that social media and a good website are important to your business. Support your website with professional photos.

I make sure that your visitors get a feeling with the photos I take. By using different techniques while photographing cars and editing, you can relive the moment. They are more than just photos, they are memories.

Are you an entrepreneur and are you ready for that extra step? Then I’ll be happy to help you. Together we will create memories, I will capture them.

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“I’ve been following Sebastiaan’s career since I met him, in seventh grade. He has developed his photographic skills to such an extent that, in my opinion, he already deserves the title professional at a young age. His working method is efficient, his prices are good and he has a lot of experience, but the most important of all is that he delivers great results. Even I look up to him.”

– Vincent

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Automotive photoshoot

What is car photography?

Car photography, also called automotive photography, is capturing a car in the most beautiful way possible. I take into account the lines of a car, the color, the environment and other aspects to get the best possible picture of the car.

Why automotive photography?

We live in a world where almost everyone has a camera in their pocket. As a result, you do not quickly stand out with everyday, simple photos. I help you to stand out in this world after all. I help you tell a story as an entrepreneur, with appealing photos of your car. These photos create a feeling, which strengthens your story.

What do you get?

After the photo shoot you will receive the high quality photos. These are perfectly usable for your online visibility, to hang on the wall or to use during the sale of your car.

There is a minimum of 2 high-end locations, because I think quantity is important in addition to quality. There is always a good variety of interior and exterior photos at multiple locations. This way you have a lot of diversity at the end of the photoshoot.

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What to expect?

During a photo shoot I take pictures of your car at the most beautiful locations, wherever you would like. These are excellent to use on social media and your website.

Before the photoshoot

Before the photo shoot of your car takes place, we will be in touch to discuss your wishes. We also look at a date for the photo shoot. In the frequently asked questions you will find how you can best prepare your car for the photo shoot.

We can also discuss additional wishes during the photo shoot here. Think of an extra car or other wishes.

During the photoshoot

Efficiency is important, your time is valuable. I work in a fast and efficient way so that a photo shoot usually takes 1-2 hours. I go for an optimal result and therefore do not look at the time. Often people are amazed at the level of efficiency during a high-end photo shoot.

Due to my fast working method, we can visit multiple locations in a short time. The possibility to visit more locations is present, this is often done. You can go ahead for a long time with the great diversity during a high-end car photo shoot.

After the photoshoot

Before post-processing, I make a selection of the most beautiful photos taken during the photo shoot. I edit these photos and then you will receive the photos in the highest quality. You can then use this on social media and your website.

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“Booked a surprise photo shoot for my boyfriend to photograph his Audi. The result turned out really nice & my boyfriend is happy with it! Really unique photos! Thanks Sebas!”
– Lisanne


More photos and locations are possible, we will discuss this before or during the photo shoot.

Amount of photos

By default, you get 20 edited photos after a car photo shoot. The opportunity to get more photos is always there.


I have a large number of high-end locations for your car throughout the Netherlands and Europe. We will discuss in advance which location best suits your car. This way you get the optimal result.


Due to my efficient and careful working method, I can ensure that your photos are on your website within a few days. So you don’t have to wait long for the photos of your car.


Travel expenses are not included.

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About me

I have been taking pictures with pleasure since 2018. What started as an innocent hobby has eventually led to the professional execution of my passion. Something I am grateful for to this day.

I want to create a feeling with my photography. We do that together. We create memories, I capture them, so that they will never be forgotten.

Besides car photography I like to travel. Old villages and towns have gained my interest for a number of years, I am only too happy to capture this. To combine automotive photography and travel would be an absolute dream of mine.

Frequently asked questions

Before the photo shoot of your car it is important to wash the car well. Many people choose to do that at a detailer, you can also do it yourself.

Don’t forget to vacuum the car before the photo shoot. I also take pictures of the interior and it doesn’t look neat to see crumbs and grime in the pictures.

I am from Amersfoort. I don’t mind traveling for longer periods to capture memories together. I do charge travel costs to drive to the locations.

After the photo shoot of your car you will receive an invoice with a payment link. After payment you will receive the agreed amount of high quality photos.

The photos are sent via Wetransfer. These are then easy to download on mobile and computer. The photos will be sent in the highest resolution. Photos can be optimized for Instagram. Contact me if you want the highest quality for Instagram.

The Wetransfer link is valid for one week after sending. If the link has expired, I’ll send you a new one. Even if you lost the photos after a long time.

You can print your photos! I work with other companies to deliver the highest quality prints. Contact me and we will look for the best solution. I optimize the photo for printing and it will hang on your wall within a few days.

There are many materials available, such as aluminum, canvas, dibond, forex, magnet, metal, plexiglass and poster.

You can use the photos for whatever you want to use them for. On social media I always appreciate it when you mention me (Instagram, Facebook).

Post-processing of my photos is not allowed, with the exception of cropping. With a lot of passion I spend a lot of time on post-processing, if you have certain wishes, I’ll gladly include this in the editing.

When publishing my photos in articles and/or magazines, attribution is required, unless otherwise stated. The resale of photos is always in consultation.

No, I make a selection before editing. After editing, you will receive these high-end photos as soon as possible. Post-processing is an important part of my working method, so you only get the very best photos in high quality.

I do not charge travel costs within a radius of 15 km from Amersfoort. Is the location further away? Then I charge €0.25 per kilometer driven.

Yes, you can bring several cars. If you want to take several cars with you, then contact me before the photoshoot about it.

Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact me.


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