This is me, Sebastiaan.

An enthusiastic photographer

You may be wondering who is behind Bysebas, well here I am. My name is Sebastiaan and I welcome you to my website.

I have been a photographer for a number of years and I photograph for many clients throughout the Netherlands. Now that I have a lot of experience with cameras, lenses, tripods, and everything related to them, I thought sharing it would be a good idea.

What started with a Canon XSi (2008) has grown into a serious hobby and my full-time job for a few years now. I’ve had quite a few cameras and I’ve also gone through a lot of lenses.

I’ve made many mistakes when choosing equipment, from unreliable second-hand sellers to buying a camera unsuitable for my purpose.

Eventually, I started my blog, I like to share my experiences in photography and help other photographers like you find the right equipment.

Who is behind Bysebas?

What is my goal?

I have already given a small hint in the first part, I have many experiences with buying cameras, lenses, and equipment and I would like to share this experience. I do this in the form of reviews, but I also recommend many cameras. This is the blog I couldn’t find when I first bought my camera, so I started it myself.

With a passion for the profession and helping photographers, my goal is to help you further on your journey. Whether it concerns a camera, lens, tripod, or drone, you can ask me anything. The goal is not to buy the most expensive or newest equipment, in fact, I advise against that. With cheaper equipment you can still take beautiful photos, I am firmly convinced of that.

When it all started

My adventure started a few years ago, 5 years to be precise. In the summer of 2018, I didn’t know how a camera worked, in fact, I didn’t even have a camera.

When I started experimenting with my phone, I quickly ran into limits. Without control over settings, I couldn’t translate my vision into images, so I looked for my first camera.

Without much money, I started looking for a camera, which is quite difficult. I started the search with a budget of no more than $150, which yielded a reasonable camera. A Canon XSi to be precise.

It was a world of difference, a real DSLR camera is something different from a telephone. I had control over the image and settings, exactly what I wanted.

Now, that camera is good for beginners, but I quickly grew out of it. Now, a few years later, I’ve owned many more cameras and currently have a Canon EOS R6. For now, I’m happy with it!

The person behind Bysebas

Why did I start my blog?

I soon knew that I wanted to help more people with my knowledge, I already had quite a few customers in the automotive sector, but I knew that I could do more for the world. With my knowledge about cameras and lenses, I started this adventure, with the reason to create the place that I missed a few years ago.

I am currently working on my blog almost full-time, new cameras, lenses, and techniques are being released all the time that I can talk about endlessly. Of course, I still am a photographer, but that is set to a slightly lower setting.

Do I earn money with my blog?

You will find links to B&H Photo, Amazon, and Adorama on my blog. These are affiliate links, something that works quite simply. You click on such a link and when you make a purchase I receive a percentage. Through that link, the web shops know that you were referred by me, Sebastiaan. This way I receive a small commission on every purchase, which allows me to continue to maintain my blog.

You may wonder why I don’t recommend the most expensive cameras, because I can earn a lot more money with that, right? That’s true, but as I said, my goal is for you to purchase the right camera, and not the most expensive one. I would like to share my expertise with you, so you can avoid the mistakes I have made. So it’s a win-win situation!