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canon eos r9 specifications and review

Will the Canon R9 be the best camera in 2023? Of course we all would like to know that. Nobody knows the answer, because the Canon R9 has not yet been launched.

However, there are a lot of specifications of the Canon R9 that will most likely be included in the production model. These specifications are not made up from scratch, this list has been carefully compiled through rumors, comparisons, and competitors.

Find out quickly what we can expect from the Canon R9!

Canon R9: Everything you have to know

Canon R9 specifications

As it stands now, the Canon EOS R9 has some specific features that we don’t see on the Canon EOS R7 and the EOS R10. For example, the EOS R9 would contain a 33-megapixel full-frame sensor. The Canon EOS R and the RP are already 5 years old and therefore need to be replaced. It would make sense for Canon not to give the EOS R9 an APS-C sensor because there are already several APS-C bodies. There are also currently only 2 RF-S lenses, so a full-frame body will be the most logical choice.

Specs Canon EOS R9 side view

Canon R9 video specs

The Canon EOS R9 will have a 4K video mode. That is the same as with the EOS R10 and the EOS R7. At 4K 30p, the camera will not have a crop, at 4K 60p, the camera will have a crop. This allows you to shoot razor-sharp video on a full-frame sensor.

The Canon R9 will have in-body image stabilization. This absorbs unwanted movements which will no longer be visible in the result. The Canon EOS R9 will probably be the best camera with which you can also shoot beautiful cinematic videos for a reasonable price.

Canon R9 focus mechanism

As with the Canon EOS R7 and the EOS R10, the Canon EOS R9 will be equipped with Dual Pixel AF II that recognizes the eyes of people and animals. This ensures that you can still focus excellently while taking photos in burst mode.

The camera automatically detects the eyes and focuses on them. This is useful for wildlife and portrait photography. The camera will also be able to recognize cars. We also see this with the EOS R6 Mark II, which was released in Q3 of 2022.

Canon R9 Burst mode

Little is known about burst mode. The EOS R9 is a model that sits between the EOS R7 and the EOS R10. The burst mode will be very similar to these cameras, so the EOS R9 will probably have a burst mode of mechanical 15 fps and electronic 30 fps. We see with the EOS R6 II that a burst mode of 40 fps is also possible. The Canon EOS R9 will not disappoint a lot of photographers.

Canon R9 ISO Performance

Due to the potential full-frame sensor, the noise performance will be phenomenal. It will most likely contain a new processor DIGIC X, which will make the ISO performance breathtaking, as we have come to expect from full-frame cameras. This will obviously be better than the EOS R7 and the EOS R10.

We see a DxO score of 2742 with the Canon EOS R. This score will be improved with the Canon EOS R9. That means that you can set the ISO at least up to 2742 without seeing very disturbing noise. Read more about the calculation of this score.

Canon R9 price

Little is known about the price. Rumor has it that the EOS R9 will be a successor to the Canon RP or the EOS R. As a result, the price will be between $999 – $2000. A higher amount is unlikely because Canon will then already be at the level of the EOS R6 and the EOS R6 II.

Canon R9 electronic viewfinder

The Canon EOS R9 will have a bright, very high-quality viewfinder. The viewfinder will have 2.4 million pixels and you will have virtually no lag. Thanks to the 120 fps LCD screen, you can hardly tell it’s a screen! You can also set the viewfinder in a 60Hz mode to save battery. You can find a 3″ touchscreen at the back that is fully articulating. Taking pictures from below or above will be easy with the Canon EOS R9.

Specs side view Canon EOS R9

By the way, I’ve got many more rumors ready for you. Make sure to check them out to see upcoming cameras!

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Competitors of the Canon EOS R9

The new Canon EOS R9 is a professional high-end camera body, which is not yet on the market. There are a number of other cameras that compete with the Canon EOS R9. For example, you have cameras from Sony, Canon and Fujifilm that also have very good specifications and may be worth considering.

The Nikon Z5 resembles the new Canon EOS R9 in many ways. The Canon EOS R9 has a 33-megapixel sensor, while the Nikon Z5 has a 24-megapixel sensor. The biggest difference seems to be in the video capabilities. Nikon’s Z5 can shoot 4K 30p videos, while the Canon EOS R9 can shoot 4K 60p.

The Sony A7 III is already a few years old, but it is not inferior to the Canon EOS R9. The A7 III has a 24-megapixel sensor, while the EOS R9 has a 33-megapixel sensor. There don’t seem to be any major differences between the cameras, perhaps the price of the bodies will differ.

Panasonic recently unveiled its new camera. The Panasonic S5 Mark II, a fantastic camera. The S5 II is superior when it comes to video, as it was designed for it. This is therefore the biggest difference between the S5 II and the Canon EOS R9. For a little bit of extra money you might want to consider the Lumix S5 II.

Most outstanding features of the
Canon R9


The EOS R9 is an exciting camera that will hit the market in 2023. The camera probably has a full-frame sensor, with image stabilization. You could also shoot 4K video, with fantastic noise performance.

The camera is a lot better than the Canon R7 and the Canon R10. This is mainly due to the full-frame sensor. The Canon R9 is a successor to the Canon RP and the Canon R, so the price will be between $999 – $2000.

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