New Canon Cameras 2023: These 6 cameras are coming soon

new canon camera launch 2023

The end of 2023 is approaching, currently, it is already October and we only have a few months to go. Now we all want to know which new Canon cameras will be launched in 2023. Canon may well launch a few more cameras this year.

I’ve scoured the internet to piece together the latest rumors. In this article, I will tell you exactly which Canon cameras will be launched in 2023 and 2024. I will also include the specifications.

Let’s take a look at the first new camera to be launched!

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We’ll start with the most sought-after camera of all, the Canon R5 Mark II. A camera that is highly anticipated for a reason, because it has to replace the current R5.

There are a few areas of improvement that we would like to see, and it looks like they will make it into the production model.

Rumors are circulating that the Canon R5 Mark II is already in the testing phase, making it very likely that it will be released in the coming months.

We see, among other things, a completely new sensor, a 61 MP full-frame sensor that competes with the Sony A7R V. The 8K60p function has also been greatly improved by the cooling.

All in all, the Canon R5 Mark II is the most sought-after new Canon camera to be launched in February 2024.


  • New 62 megapixel CMOS BSI sensor
  • DIGIC X2s processor
  • 30 fps electronic burst mode
  • 12 fps mechanical burst mode
  • The same 8-stop image stabilization
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF II (also seen on Canon R3 and R6 II)
  • Internal 8K 60p (RAW not yet confirmed)
  • 4K 30p/60p/120p video (All oversampled)
  • FHD 240fps recording
  • Focus breathing compensation
  • 60 mins 4K video
  • Dual CFexpress type B card slots
  • 9.44 million pixel viewfinder

The second camera on the list is the Canon R1. In addition to the R5 II, this is also a popular camera. Canon has said that the R3 is not their flagship, so the Canon R1 is expected in February 2024.

This is just before the 2024 Olympic Games taking place in Paris, so it makes sense that Canon would choose to launch the camera around that time. The specs are very impressive and this is what we currently know:


  • New 45+ megapixel stacked CMOS BSI sensor
  • Dual DIGIC X2s processors
  • 9-stop image stabilization
  • Internal 8K 60p RAW
  • FHD 240fps recording
  • Focus breathing corrections
  • Dual CFexpress type B card slots
  • 9 million pixel viewfinder

Canon EOS R7C (Cinema)

canon eos r7c specifications cinema camera

The third camera on the list is the Canon R7 C, which, like the R5 C, is a reinterpretation of the original Canon R7. When we look back at the R5 C we see a few major differences between the cinema version and the original version.

The biggest difference is the extra fan that the Canon R7 C will get, which is of course to prevent the camera from overheating. This solves the biggest problem with mirrorless cameras, as almost all mirrorless models overheat during intensive video production.

I don’t know exactly when the Canon R7 C will be released, but it is suspected to be in 2024.


  • 32.5 MP APS-C sensor
  • 7k 60p video in Cinema RAW Light
  • 4k oversampled 60p video
  • 120 fps FHD video
  • Mini XLR audio input
  • DIGIC X processor
  • Compact design

Canon EOS R5S (Canon RS)

canon eos r5s specifications

So we know that a Canon R5 successor will be released in 2024, namely the R5 II. However, there are rumors going around that there will be a second R5 successor that will also be released in 2024. This would be a Canon R5S (also called Canon RS).

Here we expect a camera that has more megapixels, as we used to see on the Canon 5DS. It is unclear exactly how many there are, but the estimate is around 80-100 MP. This allows Canon to compete with the Fujifilm GFX100 series.


  • 80-100 MP full frame CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC X2s processor
  • 8K video mode
  • 4K 120p video mode
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF II (Canon R3 and R6 II)
  • Same ergonomics

Canon EOS R50 (Launched)

One of the cameras that has already been released in 2023 is the Canon R50, it was completely unexpected that Canon would suddenly release 2 cameras. We do know, among other things, that the R50 is a great success, which is not surprising given the specs and price.

It is the successor to the best-selling Canon M50 II. Canon itself says that the EOS-M line has not yet been discontinued, but I know better. The Canon R50 was released in February 2023 together with the R8.

Get your Canon EOS R50 on Amazon, B&H Photoor Adorama.


  • 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 4K 24 or 30 fps
  • FHD 120fps
  • 15 fps burst mode
  • 3″ very high quality touch screen
  • Lightweight design, like the M50 II

Canon EOS R8 (Launched)

The Canon R8 was also retired in February 2023, together with the R50 these seem to be the best-selling models of 2023. The Canon RP needed a successor and it got one, a camera that had the same form factor but with the specs of the R6 II.

It is a camera that is aimed at the beginner, with the user interface made for novice photographers. If you are still unsure between the R6 II and R8, the choice is simple: if you want to save money, get the Canon R8!

Get your Canon EOS R8 on Amazon, B&H Photo, or Adorama.


  • 24 MP full frame sensor
  • DIGICX processor
  • 4K 60p
  • FHD 180p
  • No image stabilization
  • Excellent low light capabilities


So we know that 2024 will be a good year for Canon, with at least the Canon R5 II, R1, R7 C, and R5S (RS) being launched. I’m not entirely sure if all the specifications are correct, that’s the thing with rumors, so take it with a grain of salt.

I keep an eye on the rumors every day, so I update this page regularly. If you want to be sure of all updates, I recommend that you visit this page every now and then.

Let me know in a comment what you think about the cameras that are coming, I’m curious what your thoughts are!

By the way, I’ve got many more rumors ready for you. Make sure to check them out to see upcoming cameras!

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