Nikon Z6 III: Unveiling Specs, Rumors, and Release Date

Nikon Z6 III review and specifications

Will the Nikon Z6 III be the best camera in 2023? Of course, we all would like to know that. Nobody knows the answer, because the Nikon Z6 Mark III has not yet been launched.

However, there are a lot of specifications of the Nikon Z6III that will most likely be included in the production model. These specifications are not made up from scratch, this list has been carefully compiled through rumors, comparisons, and competitors.

We are sure that Nikon will come up with a new version of the Z6 II because they don’t have a good competitor for the Canon R6 II and the Sony A7 IV. With the Z6III, Nikon will compete with these two cameras.

Find out quickly what we can expect from the Nikon Z6 Mark III!

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Nikon Z6 III rumors: A much needed upgrade

If we look at the specifications, it seems as if Nikon is going to make a kind of brother of the Nikon Z8. The Nikon Z6 III will be the model that will succeed the current Nikon Z6 II, which is a very successful model.

Nikon’s Z6 III will get a new sensor, rumored to be a 33-megapixel sensor. This will mean that Nikon will have to develop a completely new sensor that competes with the Sony A7 IV, which has the same resolution.

With the arrival of the Nikon Z8 and the Nikon Z f, we see that Nikon wants to push the limits, which is of course to our advantage because the specs can only get better.

Nikon Z6 III release date

Not much is known about the release date of the Z6III. We know that Nikon is developing a new sensor that is 33MP, requiring a lot more testing than usual.

Nikon of course launched the Z8 in May, so in order not to hinder sales, Nikon will probably wait until the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

Since the Z6 III is an action-focused camera, it would also make sense to launch it just before the 2024 Olympics.

Nikon Z6III video specs

If you like to shoot cinematic videos that could be played in the cinema, then the Nikon Z6 III could certainly help you with that. With the ability to record 4K videos with a maximum frame rate of 60 frames per second, you can even slow down the image at this resolution.

If you really want to film high-quality slow-motion, you have the option to film FHD in 120 frames per second. This way you can slow down the image up to 5 times.

Nikon may choose to choose a maximum frame rate of 180 fps. We also see this with the recently released Canon EOS R8, which competes with the Nikon Z6 III.

Nikon’s Z6 III would even be able to record 10-bit videos using an external recorder. This way you get maximum editing options.

Compared to the Nikon Z6 II, not much has changed in terms of video, these are the video specs listed:

  • 4K60p
  • External 10-bit 4:2:2
  • FHD120fps (or 180fps) slow motion
  • 4K30p with oversampling

Improved focus mechanism on the Z6 III

Many photographers are not completely satisfied with the focus system of the Z6 II, but with the arrival of the Z8 we see that it can be done much better. The competitor, Canon, even puts their best focus system in the budget cameras.

The Nikon Z6III will change that because it will have a much better-focusing system than the current Z6II.

For example, the Nikon Z6 III can recognize subjects such as people, animals, birds, and vehicles. It doesn’t matter how small the subject is: the Nikon Z6 III will recognize it.

This is the same focusing system that we also see in the Nikon Z9, Nikon’s flagship that is currently available on the market.

Nikon Z6III for action photography

Yes, you read that right. There’s never too much action for the Nikon Z6 III. We expect the Nikon Z6 III to have a very fast burst mode that can capture up to 20+ images per second, both mechanically and electronically. This is a lot faster than that of the Z6 II, at 14 fps.

If Nikon chooses a slower burst mode, it will be difficult to compete with Canon, for example, both the Canon R6 II and the Canon R8 can shoot up to 40 frames per second.

Nikon Z6 III price

Little is known about the price. The Nikon Z6 Mark III is a successor to the Nikon Z6 Mark II and the competitor of the Canon EOS R6 II and the Sony A7 IV. As a result, the price will be between $2000 – $3000. A lower amount is unlikely because Nikon is already at the level of the Z5 and a higher amount means Nikon is already at the Nikon Z7 II.

In addition, the Nikon Z f has just been released and costs $1999, so the Z6 III will certainly not cost less.

Nikon Z6 III viewfinder and screen

The Nikon Z6 III will have a clear, very high quality viewfinder. It will have a resolution of 3.69 million pixels and you will hardly notice any lag. With this resolution, it is the same viewfinder as the Z6 II.

Of course, we hope that the screen on the back will be both tiltable and rotatable. The screen on the Nikon Z8 and Z9 is highly appreciated by Nikon photographers.

In addition, we of course hope that the Nikon Z6 III will have a no-blackout viewfinder. This is very useful during situations where you want to capture fast action. The camera takes photos without you seeing a black screen. So you will never miss the action again.

- $400.00
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The Nikon Z6 III uses the Nikon Z mount. Unfortunately, there are only 35 lenses available for this. That is a lot less than the Sony E mount, for which 187 lenses are available. Yet there is a right lens for almost every situation. You can mount the Nikon FTZ II adapter to the Nikon Z6 Mark III to have a wide choice of Nikon F-mount lenses. This way you have another 360 extra lenses to choose from.

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Nikon Z-lenses on the Nikon Z6 III

If you want quality, then you should look at the Nikon Z lenses. The range is expanding considerably every year, so there is plenty of choice for every professional and beginner. The lenses are becoming more and more affordable and lighter, which is of course to everyone’s advantage.

If you like shooting portraits with a blurred background, the Nikon Z 50mm F/1.8 is perfect. When you prefer to go into nature and want to get close to wildlife, the Nikon Z 100-400mm may be the right choice. If landscapes are more your thing, the Nikon Z 14-24mm is fantastic.

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Competitors of the Nikon Z6 Mark III

The new Nikon Z6 III is a professional high-end camera body, which is not yet on the market. There are a number of other cameras that compete with the Nikon Z6 Mark III. For example, you have cameras from Sony, Canon and Panasonic that also have very good specifications and may be worth considering.

The Canon EOS R6 Mark II is a good competitor of the Nikon Z6 III. Both cameras have a full-frame sensor with a large number of megapixels. Both cameras have a fast burst mode and you can film 4K professional videos with both cameras.

Want to know more? Read the review! Canon R6 II Review & Tests

The Sony A7 IV is a very competent camera and there are many similarities between it and the Nikon Z6 III. For example, both cameras have a 33-megapixel sensor and you can record 4K professional videos. Both the Nikon Z6 III and A7 IV have built-in image stabilization, which can be very useful when filming.

- $201.99

The last competitor is the Panasonic S5 Mark II, this camera has a 24-megapixel sensor with which you can take detailed photos. The Panasonic S5 Mark II is superior in the field of video, due to the many possibilities. It remains to be seen whether the Nikon Z6 Mark III will be better in certain respects than the S5 Mark II.

- $302.00
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Most outstanding specifications of the
Nikon Z6 Mark III


We are actually all waiting for the arrival of the Nikon Z6 III, because not everyone is satisfied with the Nikon Z f. However, it is a taste of what we can expect when it comes to innovation. With multiple AI features such as eye recognition when focusing manually.

The Nikon Z6III should actually be an upgrade, especially for action photography, as the current Z6 II does not always meet this requirement. We know that Nikon can be very good, as we can see from the Z8 and Z9.

A new processor should take care of that, the EXPEED 7 is fast enough for almost everything. It is possible that Nikon will put a newer EXPEED 8 in it, so we may have to wait a little longer.

Very little has changed in the video field, almost everyone is satisfied with an uncropped 4K60p video, so I see no reason to make improvements here.

What is spectacular is the 33-megapixel sensor that the Z6III will have. We have never seen this resolution on a Nikon camera and it is actually the sweet spot for photography. The files are not huge but you do have details.

The Z6 Mark III will cost around €2500 – €3000, the just-released Nikon Z f costs €2500 and Nikon will not be below that.

All in all, we’re all waiting for this camera and I think the wait will be worth it. The Z6 III is mainly aimed at the action photographer, so if you go into nature or photograph athletes, I will definitely get it.

By the way, I’ve got many more rumors ready for you. Make sure to check them out to see upcoming cameras!

Canon R5 Mark IICanon R1Nikon Z6 IIINikon Z7 IIINikon Z5 IINikon Z90 – Sony A7S IV

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