Sony A7S IV: Will Sony Launch another camera in 2023?

Launch date Sony A7S IV specs rumors

There are new rumors coming out every day about new cameras from Sony, we all want to know which new cameras are going to be launched. It looks like Sony will launch at least 2 new full-frame cameras within a few months.

I scour the internet every day to gather the latest rumors. In this article I will tell you exactly what we can expect from the Sony A7S IV and when it will be launched.

Let’s jump straight into the new Sony A7S IV rumors!

What can we expect from the Sony A7S IV?

It is not clear what exactly we can expect from the Sony A7S IV, Sony is very careful about leaking certain functions. New rumors emerge every day, so I’ve made a list of everything we know so far.


I have made a list of specifications of the Sony A7S IV that may make it to the production model, take this list with a grain of salt. The reliability of sources is not guaranteed, but you can always hope!

  • 24.2 MP full-frame Exmor sensor
  • 6K RAW video (No crop)
  • 4K oversampled video (No crop)
  • Widest dynamic range ever in a Sony Alpha camera
  • No 8K video
  • 4K120fps slow-motion capabilities
  • AI processing unit
Specs Sony A7S IV release date

Release date of the A7S IV

It is always difficult to determine exactly when a camera will be released, but we can make estimates based on the past. It has now been more than 3 years since the predecessor, the A7S III, was released, making it time for an update.

We know from Sony that a new model is released every 3-4 years, so it is almost certain that the Sony A7S IV will be launched in late 2023 or early 2024. It is registered a few months before the camera is launched.

Sony registered 2 cameras in China with special codes in September.

  • September 4: Sony registered a camera with the code ‘WW559681’.
  • September 20: Sony registered a camera with the code ‘WW459276’.

We know that these are professional cameras because they both have 5.1 MHz support. The cheaper entry-level models only have 2.4 MHz support. This makes the following situations likely:

  • Sony will launch the Sony A9 III in early 2024.
  • Sony will also launch the Sony A7S IV in late 2023/early 2024.
Release date Sony A7S4 specs


In short, we don’t know exactly when the A7S IV will be launched, but the specifications are promising. You should always take rumors with a grain of salt, as their truth cannot be guaranteed.

A camera that has 6K video functions seems logical, to distinguish the new generation from the older generation this is a must. It also seems to be a much sought-after camera, I read a lot about it and expectations are also high.

Let me know in a comment what you think about it, what specs do you hope to expect in the A7S IV?

By the way, I’ve got many more rumors ready for you. Make sure to check them out to see upcoming cameras!

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