About Sebastiaan - In a nutshell


In 2018 my adventure as a photographer started, I picked up a camera for the first time. Initially a hobby without further intention, but you know how that usually goes. Now I do my hobby full time, something I could never have dreamed of.


Since January 2022 I really started as an entrepreneur, which means that I go for it one hundred percent and always want to get the best out of myself.

You never sit still as an entrepreneur, there is always something to do. That makes this work diverse and therefore it remains fantastic to do.

high end photography of cars in netherlands

What I want to convey

The experience

I want to convey an experience with my photography. You have to be able to experience what the image shows. By using different techniques during my work I ensure that you can relive the memories. That makes it more than just a photo.

Create together

You are part of the photos. We will discuss your wishes together in advance. I’ll make sure this is reflected in the photos. Together we create memories, I capture them.

Crispy images

A high-end look is what I go for. My style is described as natural by clients, I don’t use filters. The colors should be as real as possible, then they become timeless.

professional car photography netherlands porsche gt3 rs
audi rs4 abt high end automotive photoshoot netherlands

“Sebastiaan is the right place for quality and solid service. Strong in both detail and the complete picture. These photos are not just photos, they bring back memories. I will definitely come back for more.”

– Gino


“Sebas is an extremely driven guy, who is involved in photography in a very professional and enthusiastic way. He photographed my Volvo in a great way and the result is impressive. Other projects that I have seen from his portfolio are also beautiful.”

– René



Photography has increased my interest in travel a lot. Years ago I wasn’t used to do a lot on holidays, I now do just the opposite. I try to get out as much as possible. Beautiful cities, villages and landscapes really appeal to me, and over the past few years I have often visited such places. Every week I went out to photograph beautiful cities in the Netherlands and abroad.

That did not go unnoticed, I have been appointed several times by the Indebuurt platform with this photography.

In the future I hope to be able to combine two types of photography. I love to travel and to be able to combine that with photographing cars or people would be an absolute dream.

cochem castle drone photography
castle germany professional photographer
national park hoge kempen belgium high end photography

My passion

My passion started as an innocent hobby. I first started experimenting with photography in the summer of 2018, with my phone. Soon I wanted flexibility and bought a camera. It may have been the best choice of my life, because it has allowed me to do what I want to do: pursue my passion.

Car photography was not my first interest, in fact, I had never photographed a car until 2020. That summer my first assignment came. Photographing two Nissans, which went surprisingly well. Since then, my interest in this has grown to such an extent that I mainly do this full-time, in addition to other types of photography.

Do you want beautiful photos?